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Developing of Smart home london solutions is based on the concept of Internet of Things (or the Internet of Things). This high-tech platform strives to integrate all devices, systems and services into one. The goal is to maximize the efficiency and comfort of our environment by using information technology. At present, the use of high technology in a large number of homes is severely restricted (most often to the entertainment system where one exists).

There is no real reason why things should remain so and the future belongs to Smart Home. Essentially, the Smart Home London solution is an automation system that, through a combination of software and hardware, controls all the important features and functions of a home, office, building. It is totally wrong to imagine that this system is a costly and superfluous luxury. The three components that characterize Smart Home are comfort, security and energy efficiency. Besides convenience, the system guarantees security in a way that is more efficient than classic methods and, above all, reduces energy consumption significantly.

It has been proven that by integrating such a system, you can reduce your energy costs by up to 20%. Smart Home is a brilliant example of how technology can help us live in harmony with nature by saving its resources. Everything said so far would have no effect if this technology was too expensive. Thanks to its partners, GENAPORT / STUDIO is able to offer a wide range of products to suit the needs of the customer without compromising on quality and reliability. The system is modular and extremely flexible and can be started with an initial package while the customer is assured of its efficiency.

Our solutions use the "smarthome london" protocol. This is a wireless communication protocol used primarily for home automation. This is an open network (mesh network) using low-power radio waves for device-to-appliance communication. It allows wireless control of residential electrical appliances and systems such as lighting, security systems, thermostats, windows, locks, pools and garages, etc. Like other protocols targeting the home and office automation market, the "smarthome london" automation system can be controlled by a wireless keyboard, desktop keyboard, or by smartphones, tablets or computers.

In this protocol, we usually have a central controller, a master device that provides interoperability between home-based systems of various manufacturers that are part of the smarthome london community. There is an increasing number of interoperable smarthome london products in the world.

The "smart" home: the rule here is that there are no limits - Sky is the limit! Everything depends on the possibilities - financial, technical or even if you will depend on the breadth of the understanding of the one who wants to use the system. The work of companies such as GENAPORT / STUDIO is to reach, together with the customer, the optimal option that he will use in a complete way - there is no point in offering features that he will never resort to!

The systems / areas for which smart function is involved include: heating; air conditioning, lighting, powerful electric consumers of individual power circuits, or standard shock shock consumers, front door or door of the house, electric blinds / curtains, energy consumption monitoring, home security - including CCTV, fire detection, flood protection, etc.

Some of the main features that may be offered are:

"Precise heating zone control" function:

Smart Home monitors and controls the heating in every single room continuously. Depending on the outside temperature, the intensity of sunlight and annual seasons, the system combines these factors and, according to the wishes of the owners, intelligently and precisely manages local heating, no matter what it is. In the bedroom, for example, the pleasant 18 ° C is maintained, while in the bathroom and the living room the temperature is comfortable with 23 ° C. Humidity is also under control. Thanks to the above, you actually save up to 40% of energy consumption in the cold months.

Perfect Light Function:

Lighting scenarios are set everywhere in the house, both to simplify the electrical installation and to save lighting switches, and to get the best out of every light source in the house - something that is impossible if every light is controlled by a separate mechanical key. After all, by properly combining natural and artificial light, you get more comfort at a lower cost, thanks to the quality of lighting and the energy savings.

We would also add the "External blinds control" function here:

The blinds could be opened and closed completely automatically. In the morning they open to capture sunlight and warm the room. Around noon, depending on the room temperature and the amount of sunlight, the blinds can be programmed to provide a shadow in the house, and then to shut down in the evenings to ensure privacy. Of course, at the request, the clutch can adjust the blinds manually - with a switch or using a smartphone. However, this will be more and more rare - most days they work without interference. This allows the cost of heating and air conditioning to be reduced because the rooms do not overheat and do not overcool and the property is much better protected against malicious intrusion.

Central Power Off:

This is also one of the most used features. It ensures that when the client leaves the house all lights and electrical appliances are switched off, there are no forgotten open doors and windows and the house is under guard.

"Goodnight" feature:

One of the commonly used features - usually comes into action every day. In this scenario, the blinds are automatically closed, the lights are extinguished (except for individual zones where it is only muted) and the power supply to preset electrical appliances (for example, the TV in the nursery) is switched off.

"Center for Entertainment" function:

One of the most attractive features of the smart home system - includes the integration of multimedia systems. The client could manage all sophisticated devices centrally, via a graphical smartphone interface or a simple remote control. This means that there is no need to search for "proper" remote control or wander in several mobile applications. For example, in certain areas, music can be played automatically when the system detects someone's presence or in the morning automatically puts your favorite radio and TV channels in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

Alarm function:

When away from home, the sensors of the intelligent system also assume a security function. If an unwanted visitor comes to the house, the alarm will open all the blinds, turn on all the lights in flashing mode, and the music system will play a song at the choice of the loudest sound level. The owner will receive a timely alert on his mobile phone and by looking at the situation while looking at real-time control cameras, he can turn off the system or take other measures. If there is a fire-hazardous situation in the property or there is a flood, the owners will also receive a warning.

Access Point and Control from Every Point:

Every mobile-connected mobile device in the global network allows you to control your home from anywhere in the world. This is particularly important if the customer, for example, wants to turn on heating before returning to the home or allowing the vendor to enter and at the same time be informed and control the property in troubled situations.

Function Remote opening of the entrance doors:

By integrating yard, garage and entrance doors into the system, they can be opened or locked remotely. For example, if necessary, the owner can allow a relative to enter even when he is not home.

The suggested features are exemplary and far from exhaustive. The system is modular and extremely flexible. It enables easy building and creation of an unlimited number of scenarios for automation of all kinds of activities and functions in one home - from security, heating, air conditioning and lighting, entertainment systems and all kinds of electrical appliances to warnings about exhaustion of the products in the refrigerator or the need for watering a home plant.

Our goal is to give everyone access to the future now!

GENAPORT / STUDIO is partnered with some of the most acclaimed companies in the field of building automation, offering a full range of devices and solutions.

By integrating smart home sofia , the user will receive comfort, energy efficiency, control and security. The system allows for control of heating, air conditioning and ventilation, lighting, all electrical appliances and A / B systems, access control and security.
This system can be divided into the following components.

Comfort and control


The smart home should help the user enjoy the comfort. The possibilities here are very large. We would notethe remote control option – example: I travel home, outdoors is very warm, and I plug in the air conditioner in advance to cool the room. Or the opportunity to open the door through my phone if necessary.

The master controller is at the heart of any building automation system. It connects the user and the object that is managed through the software interface. The controller wirelessly connects all sensors and devices into the system and based on their information, based on predefined scenarios and on the client's current needs, manages the home, office or entire building in the most efficient way possible.

The scenarios that automate Smart home work are set by the user in advance according to their preferences and needs, with the possibility of direct control in real time - by managing each element of the system via a secure Internet connection. For this purpose, any mobile device (Android, iOS) connected to the global network can be used along with free-of-charge software. The user interface is simple and convenient to work and allows for free modification and upgrading of system functions. Multifunctional, programmable remote controls can also be used for local control.

The installation of the main controller is in a few simple steps that are not related to the reconstruction of the managed object. It provides a unified system for automation and full control of temperature, lighting, entertainment systems and all electrical appliances through centralized control. You can take full control right now!

Security smart home

The security is achieved by integrated high-tech magnetic-controlled contacts, volumetric sensors, moisture and smoke sensors, digital surveillance cameras, control of entrance and garage doors. Your home can really become your fortress! The world is becoming more and more dangerous, and encroachments on personal property are a common part of our lives. Signal-protection equipment and video surveillance are already a mandatory part of the possible response to this problem. The "smart" home does not exclude these systems - it builds on them . By being able to integrate them into the common intelligent system, and by adding new home security features - such as receiving a notification - by phone or via email for roaming, smoke, an open window; live viewing and face recognition, special locks (remote control), etc. Emblematic is the example of so-called. "smart" contacts (each appliance included in them can be controlled) and the iron - the question of whether it is turned off can be easily distracted, making sure it is turned off via your phone, tablet, or laptop. It is important to emphasize that with Z-wave systems, if the Internet connection is interrupted (for some reason), the system scenarios will not be interrupted and the devices will continue to function.

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